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Perth Baby Expo


I just came back from the Perth Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo, and all I can say is, WOW! I don’t think that I have ever seen so many pregnant women or prams in one place in all my life. For my readers living in Perth, I highly recommend going. There are some great bargains to be had, and some lovely freebies (usually requiring leaving an email address – I have a hotmail account set up just for these kind of things!).

Print off this voucher for free entry all weekend.

The Nutricia stand had a nice little freebie showbag that contained a jar of baby food (6 months+) which will come in handy for days out once I start Irini on solids in a few months, as well as a little juice box of their Hint of Juice, which Stephen likes.

Bambini Pronto was giving away free Steady Cups if you signed up for their emails. I already have some Steady Cups (a pack of 4 is $10); Stephen loves them because they look like his Daddy’s mugs, and I like them because they are hard to tip over.

There were also various formula companies giving away toddler milk samples, which I like to keep in the car in case i am ever caught short somewhere without enough milk.The bargains kept on rolling (are they really bargains if you spend too much money overall!) but I kept myself to buying only everyday items, things I would need over the next couple of months or things that had been on my wishlist and were on sale for a great price.

The Woolworths section had a Heinz and a Johnson’s stand, both of which got a great workout. Johnson’s had wipes selling at 2 for $5; they are usually $3.99 each so I bought a dozen. Heinz had three different packs for $5 – two Heinz baby organic packs, each containing three jars ($1.50ea) and either a vanilla custard or rice cereal ($3.50ea) as well as a bonus baby spoon – and a Little Kids pack that had a packet each of Little Kids Bikkies, Rice Crispy bars and Muesli Fingers. These were all great value, and are things that I will definitely use, so it was worth it to stock up.

Stephen has a lot of trouble drinking juice boxes, as he is always squeezing them too hard, squirting out his juice. I have been meaning to buy one of these “Dwink” boxes that stop that, but haven’t gotten around to it. Bambini Pronto had the on sale for $8, usually $9.95.

Even though Irini is still fully breastfed, it won’t be long before she’ll start drinking water, and I would prefer if she went straight to a cup instead of a bottle for regular drinks (she has an occasional bottle of expressed milk now). The Dr Brown’s Training Cup was the only sippy cup that Stephen was able to drink out of. I also like the more natural sucking action required which makes up for the fact that it is not a true spill proof cup. These were also on sale, so I bought a couple of pink ones for her.

I also got a Bebe Pod plus, reduced from $99 down to $70. Stephen had the original bebe pod and it was great, but I have no idea where it has gone. Irini is already getting frustrated that she can’t sit up by herself, and this is a great way to help her with that. I used to sit Stephen in it to read to him if he didn’t want to sit on my lap, as well as using it to feed him solids in the early days. The new version even comes with an attachable tray.

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