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Product Review: Bebe Delice


Just after Irini was born, I was at a baby expo and purchased the Bebe Delice, having read some great reviews about it. This 5 in 1 system is an appliance that you can use from birth to prepare all of baby’s food.

I never used it to sterilise bottles, since I had an Avent sterilizer that could take 6 bottles at once, but I used it whenever I wanted to defrost and warm up Irini’s frozen expressed milk. It really came into its own, however, when she started on solids. It was so easy to make up fresh meals for her; toss in some chopped fruit, veges or meat, add water to the base and switch on. In 5 – 10 minutes, the food was cooked, and blended, ready to serve, and I had enough to last 3-4 meals. The blender was also useful when I wanted to blend up what the rest of the family was eating to serve Irini. I have found this so useful, that it is permanently on my benchtop!

This retails for about $189; however, the Parents, Baby and Children’s expos are coming around Australia over the next few months, and I purchased mine there last year for $150. For more info, check out Rose and Lily.

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