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Review: Coming home to eat: wholefood for the family


If you live in Australia, head over to Angus & Roberson, because I just found this gem for just $10 (usually $39.95), Coming Home to Eat: Wholefood for the family by Jude Blereau. They had a pile of these books on a stand at the front of the store, and the subtitle “wholefood for the family” caught my eye. With just a quick flick through I bought it, thinking that for only $10, even if it was only average, I would probably find something to justify the spend. This book surpassed all my expectations! It is truly wonderful and the few recipes that I have made so far have been a success.

Her writing is wonderful, the pictures gorgeous, and I love that she explains *why* she is doing things in a certain way. Jude Blereau has been influenced by the Nourishing Traditions way of eating and as such this cookbook is a wonderful companion as it has wonderfully tasty recipes that will appeal to the whole family, kids included!

What was a surprising bonus is that Jude is from Perth! She was the founder of the wonderful (but now sadly departed) Earth Market, one of the first organic food stores in Perth, and knowing that I am supporting a local author makes my purchase of this book even more satisfying.

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