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My Ten Stylish Essentials


There is something just so nice about a top ten list, and after my experiment with the 10 item wardrobe (still going well!), I thought I would share with you what I consider my ten stylish essentials.

  1. A Statement Red Lipstick

    A strong red lip is the perfect accessory to almost any outfit, and the trick is to find the perfect shade for you. I like a true red, one that is not too blue or too orange, and this will usually suit everyone, but try out a lot of different ones to find your best shade of red. I’m currently using Rouge Dior 999, a classic red based on one of Dior’s original red lipsticks.

  2. A Perfect Pair of Ballet Flats

    As a busy mum, you just can’t go past a perfect pair of ballet flats, and I live in my (ever growing) collection. You can find these in all sorts of colours and at all price points, but this is one item where I do suggest investing a little bit more. Patent nude is super versatile and adds a touch of glam to an everyday outfit; a pointed black pair is very elegant and reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

  3. A Great Tote

    A great tote is a necessity for any mum – a clutch just won’t cut it for your day-to-day running around. Black is a classic choice, but surprisingly it is often not the most versatile colour. Unless a lot of your wardrobe is based around black, you may find a rich cognac, luggage tan or even a deep grey a better choice. Look for one that is roomy, but not too heavy when it is empty (otherwise imagine what it will feel like when full!), and go for the best that you can afford. Better to buy a quality canvas bag that is the same price as a bag made of cheap leather.

  4. A Classic Blazer

    If you have read Chic Mummy for a while, then you know I love my blazers!! A well-cut, well fitting blazer can transform almost any outfit from plain to pulled together in an instant. Lots of lists recommend black, and indeed, that is a classic, but navy and charcoal are just as versatile. I promise you, once you invest in one, you will find it hard to stop adding to your collection! Start with a darker colour in seasonless wool to carry you through autumn, winter and spring, and then think about adding a linen version in navy or natural to take you over summer.

  5. A Frenchy Stripe Top

    I love my stripy tops, and they seem to add a touch of French je ne sais quoi whenever I wear one. Whether its a classic breton sweater or a black and white stripe tee, you really can’t go wrong with these pieces of monochrome magic. Pair it with your classic blazer, perfect ballets, jeans and a red lip, and you have one of the all-time stylish outfits!

  6. A Fantastic Pair of Jeans

    Fit. Fit. Fit. That is the only three words you really need to know. Find the fit and the cut that suit you the best (slim cut is my favourite), and chances are they will look stylish regardless of the price tag. A dark rinse free of distressing and embellishments can take you almost anywhere.

  7. A Fitted Pencil Skirt

    There is something incredibly sexy about a fitted pencil skirt, and in my experience, they suit just about every body type. Depending on your lifestyle, you might want the classic black, but I love a denim pencil – a great way to add a touch of sexiness to a casual outfit without looking over the top.

  8. A Bright White Tee

    The key here is that it is bright. There is nothing worse than a dingy, yellowy tee. Make sure it fits perfectly (I like it to just skim the figure), and a not too high, not too low scoop is just right. To a certain point, you get what you pay for with a white tee, BUT, these do need to be replaced more often than the rest of the items on my list, so you don’t want to pay too much. My white tees are from J Crew or Lands End, and they strike the right balance between price and quality for me, but if Bassike made my size, they would be my pick – they feel so good!

  9. A Flick of Eyeliner

    Whether it is a swipe of pencil or a flirty liquid cat-eye, a flick of eyeliner is the final finishing touch for a polished look. I can honestly say that I am pretty much never without at least a touch of eyeliner. Black is great for evening, but I prefer a dark brown for everyday.

  10. A Signature Scent

    There are thousands of new fragrances released every year, so it is easy to end up with a large collection of different ones, but I love the idea of a signature scent that you wear almost everyday. If you can’t bear the thought of living with just one, then consider a perfume wardrobe, an edited collection of fragrances that you wear for different occasions and outfits. Perfume leaves an immediate impression, and often leaves a lingering memory, so go for a good one!

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