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Blue and Green SAHM Capsule Wardrobe


We are smack in the middle of winter here in Oz, but new season’s spring/summer stock is starting to hit the stores, and I am assuming the same is true (with fall/winter stock) for those of you in the northern hemisphere. This is usually the time I start to look at my wardrobe with an eye towards spring and what I need to replace or add to my closet. As regular followers would know, I am a convert to the ten item wardrobe concept, as defined by Jennifer L Scott in her fab book, Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris, and I will certainly be following that again for the upcoming season. A lot of critics, of this and other capsule style wardrobes, is that they can be boring. I find the opposite is true, and so over the next few weeks, I thought I would post some examples of capsule wardrobes that are easy to put together, easy to wear, and stylish.

My first capsule wardrobe is designed for a SAHM who spends most of her time in casual wear, but wants a day-to-day wardrobe that is a step up from yoga pants and tracksuits. The key for any limited wardrobe to be workable is to stick to a limited colour palette, usually one neutral base colour and one or two pop colours for interest. In this case I have gone for navy as the base, with white and apple green as the interest. With just 23 items, including shoes, bags and accessories, this capsule can give you a multitude of outfits (I have shown 12 outfits, but there are so many more) that would be suitable all year round in a climate like my home in Perth, or most of the year in places that have proper cold winters.

A solid colour jersey maxi skirt is a great option for a SAHM wardrobe – it’s comfy and practical to wear, looks great, and is easy to look after (you can usually throw them in the machine). 
  • Paired with a bright tank, a fun blue and green scarf, tan wedges and a tan leather trimmed tote, you are all set for a summer lunch out with the girls and will still look great when doing the school run later in the afternoon. 
  • For spring days when the day may start out cooler, the apple green knit shirt worn open works as a double duty cardigan over a basic white tank. With a fab patterned bag (it’s such a shame the Pleated Poppy closed her shop, as this bag is fantastic!!) and a stack of coloured bangles, you will still look great when you remove the shirt as the day warms up. 
  • A navy tank paired with the navy maxi gives a solid column of colour, which is not only ultra flattering but ultra stylish. Together with the stack of bangles, gold sandals and a gold long necklace, you have the perfect outfit for date night with the hubby.
  • A maxi is not only for summer; with a navy striped Breton tee, the green and blue scarf, and topped with apple anorak, you will look bright and cheery for any mild winter day.

Jeans have become the mainstay of most people’s wardrobes and mums are no different. A dark rinse pair in a slim or skinny cut (depending on your figure) with little to no embellishments will get you the most mileage.
  • The first outfit is nothing more that a basic white tank and jeans combo, but with the jeans cuffed, tan leather wedges, a tan leather trimmed striped tote and a long gold necklace, the outfit has gone from zero to hero in seconds.
  • Again, the apple green knit shirt is perfection for those in-between days. Start the day with the sleeves unrolled, then simply roll and button them up as the day warms up. The jeans cuffs are rolled again, showing off a little ankle and some darling ballet flats, and the green and aqua scarf and bag add a punch of pattern.
  • For cooler days, the jeans and ballet flats are the perfect base for a navy striped long sleeve tee, topped with a woolen waterfall cardigan. A navy leather bag and a green and aqua patterned scarf complete the look.
  • Finally, layers are perfect for winter days. The white and navy striped sweater is the perfect accompaniment to the navy tank, while the apple green anorak adds a hit of colour. Spots on the shoes coupled with stripes on the bag, both done in navy and white, add pattern mixing interest.

Some people may be surprised at the addition of white jeans to a SAHM wardrobe, but I love them. While maybe not suitable with those with babies/little toddlers, for any one else, they are a fantastic choice, and if sticky hands do happen to fall on them, a good soak in some bleach will bring them right back as good as new.

As you can see, because all these pieces mix and match, you can make far more outfits than just the 12 I’ve shown here. Obviously you can adapt this to suit your own needs and desires; if you don’t wear pants, swap the jeans out for a denim and a patterned cotton skirt. If you live in a cold climate, then add in a few true wintery pieces like a woolen coat, woolen scarves and some extra sweaters. Hot not cold? Switch in shorts instead! Finally, watch the fabric choices – my tanks and tees are usually made from a polished cotton or a modal, as they can be dressed up or down, unlike a ribbed cotton which is clearly casual.

Stay tuned for some more capsules over the next few weeks, and please leave me a comment if there is something specific you would like me to cover!

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