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My Stylish French Box: Elevate the Ordinary


My Stylish French Box is a quarterly subscription box that brings to you authentic and stylish items direct from France. These beautiful and luxurious boxes are curated by Sharon Santoni; blogger and author of My French Country Home and My Stylish French Girlfriends. Unsurprisingly, Sharon gathers a collection of marvelous finds from France’s most coveted and timeless brands. The scents, flavors and a hint of je ne sais quoi transports you to France, if only in your mind!

As described by Sharon,

Our choices are carefully made; high quality, distinctly French and designed to encourage you to take your time and enjoy the small pleasures in life. Each box contains four full-sized hero gifts, four smaller indulgences and a limited edition print of an original watercolor for you to collect throughout the year. Each box follows a seasonal theme based around tenets of authentic French living.



The seasonal assortment comes packaged in a sturdy white box, with each item surrounded by white tissue paper. The theme for August was The Kitchen (pictured above) so within were items that took me immediately to a French kitchen:

Living in a young country like Australia almost certainly has me craving history. Uniquely, My Stylish French Box allows me to experience historic French products that I wouldn’t be able to find on my own. This season gave me a petite stoneware bowl from Digoin in Burgundy. Known as Ceramic Valley, Digoin has been making stoneware ceramics since 1875. Savon de Marseille, traditionally made in Marseille for over 600 years, comes with even more history. On a side note, do not mention this soap to my husband. On our honeymoon in Europe, I purchased a HUGE block of Savon de Marseille. Like TRULY ENORMOUS!! I then made him lug it all over Europe for the next month. As a result, he is not the biggest fan! Finding this soap nestled in the box consequently brought a smile to my face as the memories came flooding back!


Pictured above are the contents of the May My Stylish French Box, one of my all-time favorites. In my previous boxes I have received unique home decor, delicious French gourmet treats and to-die-for bath and body products. It is perfect for adding a French touch in almost every aspect of your life, and furthermore the individual items themselves are wonderful and ready for gifting if you can bear to part with any.

This is by no means a budget subscription box, coming in at $255 US per season, but I (conservatively) valued the box at around $270, and that was not including the limited edition print, the mini cookbook or the recipe cards. I can hand-on-heart say that I have loved every single box I have received (and I am now into my second year of subscribing!); Sharon has a real gift for curating these boxes.

Finally, what I love most about receiving My Stylish French Box each quarter is the reminder it gives me to slow down, and savor the everyday little pleasures in life. Burning a luxuriously scented candle, using a classic bar of French soap to remove stains, or mixing a salad dressing in a petite bowl that is beautiful in its simplicity; all of these are small moments of joy and bliss that can elevate anyone’s life from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Above all, I try to always live my blog tagline everyday life, lived in style, and My Stylish French Box is one way I do that.

Click here to subscribe to the upcoming season shipping in November.


Disclaimer: I pay for a yearly subscription for My Stylish French Box.

Images: My Stylish French Box

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