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It’s really important to keep up with your fitness while you are pregnant (with your doc’s OK, of course) as it is great for your bub-to-be and even better for you. But just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you need to resort to wearing your husband’s over sized tees and sweatshirts. There are so many fashionable maternity ranges that are now available at all price points. So get some great gear, and get exercising.

Maternity Fitness by chicmummy featuring Old Navy

I love the maternity active range from Old Navy as it is very inexpensive, great quality, and fashionable. I selected the outfit above as it would be useful for most gentle forms of exercise such as walking or yoga, or to wear over a swimsuit if you are heading to the pool. I also selected the tracksuit because I think it is stylish enough to cross over from active wear into casual wear. Although it is essentially a fleece tracksuit top and pants, the wrap style of the track suit top elevates it above regular sports wear. I think it would also look great thrown over a pair of dark wash jeans. The wrap top will also fit you perfectly right from early pregnancy, through all of the third trimester, and what some like to call the fourth trimester, when you’ve had the baby, but still seem to have the baby belly as well!

The Puma shoes are a slip on style, a real boon towards the end of the third trimester! Obviously, you wouldn’t use these shoes for running or aerobics (if you are still doing these) but for a good walk, or to and from yoga, these are practical and stylish. These will also be a great addition to your post-maternity, new mummy wardrobe when you need comfy flats to run after that growing bub!

Don’t forget the water bottle; it is even more important to stay hydrated when you are exercising while pregnant. I love reusable water bottles, and have quite a few from Sigg and Tupperware, but for $5, you can’t beat this cute one from Old Navy.

Please note, I was not asked, nor paid, to endorse Old Navy. I truly liked this brand and wore it (a lot) when I was pregnant.

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