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Stylish Summer Maternity Wardrobe


When you are expecting, there will come a time when you have to invest in maternity wear. In my opinion, you are better off investing earlier in your pregnancy so that you can get the most wear out of your clothes. This will also help you to feel chic and stylish in those horrible first and early second trimesters when you feel more fat and frumpy rather than glowing and pregnant.

Summer Maternity Wardrobe by chicmummy featuring Old Navy sleeveless tops

When investing in a pregnancy wardrobe, try and stick with a couple of base colours and a pop colour. This way, everything will mix and match, and you will really be able to extend the amount of outfits you can get out of fewer clothes. All of the clothes that I have featured are from Old Navy. I loved them during my pregnancies as they were cheap and fashionable, but held up really well.

For summer I love white, grey and a turquoisy blue. Lastly, don’t forget accessories, as they are a cheap and cheerful way to add another dimension to your wardrobe. The fifteen items above, coupled with the accessories below, can make dozens of different outfits appropriate for many situations.

Great Accessories by chicmummy featuring Banana Republic shoes

I really love this Emily diaper bag from Storksak (in fact, I own it!). It is pricey at $325, but I use it everyday. If you buy this when you are pregnant, you can get even more use out of it. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag (it is made from a lovely soft leather) and the large tote size fits a laptop.

It’s also time to start wearing flats if you have been a heel wearer. As you belly grows, your centre of gravity will shift, and you will be much more comfortable in flats. Buy some comfy flats that can take you from walks on the beach, to dinner at a restaurant. Don’t ditch those heels, though – sometimes you will just want to put some on, just to feel like your old self.

Maternity Dress 2 ways by chicmummy featuring Old Navy clothing

This pic shows how accessories can take one great dress from casual to dressy. With the funky belt, flats, glam sunnies and large tote, you are going to be one of the most stylish women running errands. Switch up the accessories to a glam silver necklace, sparkly clutch, a stack of silver bangles and gladiator style heels, and you are suddenly ready for a night out on the town.

Dressed up maternity by chicmummy featuring Old Navy short sleeve tops

If you have a few dressy occasions, don’t worry; your wardrobe has all the answers. A patterned tunic and white capris will strike all the right notes for a lunch with the girls, while dark denim jeans (an absolute must have) and a turquoise linen top will have you husband falling in love with you all over again on date night.

sunny days by chicmummy featuring Old Navy sandals

For all of those sunny days, mix and match your wardrobe for a multitude of options. If you buy right to start with, you will never have to open up your wardrobe and despair that you have nothing to wear. Again, don’t forget to accessorise!! This is what will take your wardrobe from nothing but nice to yummy mummy.

prenatal yoga by chicmummy featuring Old Navy maternity

Lastly, don’t forget your prenatal workouts. Don’t go to your yoga class in your hubbie’s old tee – look just as stylish exercising as you do in the rest of your life. These tops paired with comfy but chic yoga pants will look great during downward dog and at the supermarket when you dash in for some milk. And don’t forget that all of these tops will match all of your other pants; don’t just save them for your power walk – these tops are chic enough for every day.

So make the most of your pregnancy wardrobe – be chic, stylish and fashionable without spending a fortune. I guarantee that if you take the time to build a co-ordinated wardrobe, your dollar will stretch even further than your waistband!

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