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Guest Post: Tips for Staying Chic During Pregnancy


Today I have a guest post for you on staying chic while you are pregnant from Isabella Woods. Enjoy!

There was a time when if you fell pregnant it would mean dressing for the next nine months either like a car mechanic in some hideous pair of dungarees or like an ageing aunt in a horrible floral maternity dress. Thankfully, the world of maternity wear has moved on dramatically, and expectant mothers can now look just as elegant and chic as before. However, it’s not easy, as not only does is each new mum to be different, with some blowing up like a balloon the first few months, while other don’t start to show until the third trimester, but also the extra weight and changes your body is going through, sometimes means sacrificing style for comfort. There are, however, lots you can do to stay as chic as possible during your pregnancy and still remain as comfortable as possible:
Keep snug – Just buying larger sizes of your usual brands won’t at all be flattering, as the shoulders will look saggy, as will other parts of your body. Also, avoid trapeze shapes and too many layers, which will automatically make you look far bigger than you are. The truth is, pregnant women look far better in clothes that fit snugly. This is where all those old style maternity dresses went wrong, making women look like they had a tent wrapped around them. The secret to comfort and chicness with modern, maternity wear is the stretch. Clothes that stretch are perfect as they fit snugly but don’t make you feel too constricted. Maternity jeans are fantastic and perhaps essential for any mum-to-be. They are best if cut below the tummy so they won’t itch as you get larger unlike the waistbands that go over you bump. These days, maternity jeans come in a wide variety of cuts and colors so you can remain just as chic in them as you did before you became pregnant, while remaining comfortable as you relax on sectional sofas or armchairs.
Keep sexy –  as mentioned, baggy clothes do little for a pregnant woman’s chicness, but by accentuating your additional curves and the parts of your body that haven’t changed, such as the curve of your spine or beneath your bust, you can still look sexy and elegant. On a night out, consider a long, flowing bohemian dress cut tight beneath your bosom to highlight your best bits, which will also make you feel just as sexy as you did before becoming pregnant. Another great way to accentuate your bust is to wear a necklace, which helps draw the eye. Also, don’t hide away in dowdy colors. While black may be slimming, it’s also dull. Don’t shy away from patterns and bright colors, which can help your feel brighter too. Maternity underwear has also come along way and can make you feel quite sexy, so shop around.
Don’t overshop – while it’s tempting to get a whole new wardrobe, you have to remember pregnancy only lasts nine months. And while parts of you will go through dramatic changes, not all of your body changes so all that money will end up wasted (it’s not as if you’ll wear any of it once the baby is born). Choose half a dozen or so key items such as a stretch jersey, jeans, leggings and an evening gown cut below the bust. As many of your regular clothes may still fit, even during later stages of pregnancy, mix and match and see what works. Many tops, especially those that stretch, can still be worn during pregnancy, as can skirts. Okay, you may struggle a little during the last month or so, but for such a brief amount of time it isn’t really worth spending all that money on clothes that will possibly be never worn again.
Look after your feet – many pregnant women end up going up a shoe size, so you’ll probably need new shoes (yippee). Of course, your feet take most of the burden during pregnancy and heels or platforms that are too high will not only hurt your feet but also aggravate backache. Have two new pairs, both made of soft fabrics that will not constrict you if your feet happen to swell a little, which is common because of hormonal changes; perhaps something special and with small heels for nights out, and a pair of flat soles, such as trainers for relaxing at home.

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