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Bringing back the old you!!


I think all mums have those days where they can’t even remember what life used to look like before babies came along. The key is to make sure that it is only every now and then that we feel like this, and not everyday. So here are a few ideas to try and help you rediscover the old you:

1) don’t step foot out the door wearing a tracksuit

Unless you are going out to exercise, there is no reason to be stepping outside in public in a tracksuit! While you may think you are just nipping outside to grab some milk, so why bother wearing nice clothes, i think there can be no bigger blow to a mum’s self esteem than schlepping around in tracksuits all day. You may feel comfy, but are you feeling sexy? attractive? i don’t think so!! so reach for some nice, practical, and sexy clothes and feel like a real person again.

2) organise a weekly date night

this is one of the most important things DH and i do, IMO. once a week, we go out, even if just for a half hour coffee, on our own, without Stephen. We don’t talk about him, or anything kid related. it reminds us that we are not just parents, but lovers and friends as well. so take that time, even if it is organising a nice dinner for just the two of you at home after the kids’ bedtime.

3) be healthy

I’m not suggesting that you do a Hollywood makeover, and start strutting down the runway or the red carpet 6 weeks after giving birth, but making the effort to eat well and exercise will do wonders for your self esteem as well as your health. now i don’t know many mums who have the time to go down to a gym once they have young children, but there are some great workout dvd’s that you can do at home, including some fantastic mums and bubs ones. otherwise, there are some wonderful stroller workout groups out there, such as Strollerstrides in the US, and Babes on the Run here in Perth, Australia. I took their classes until i fell pregnant again, and they were great!

I really recommend trying some of these ideas out; i guarantee you will feel so much better!

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