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Bumming around at home


Well, nothing much to report today. I wanted to keep a close eye on Irini and Stephen and I have come down with a cold (including Stephen coughing all night last night, and doing a HUGE vomit all over our bed at 1am!), I decided to stay at home today. I think having some nice comfy clothes just for this purpose is really important. While it is tempting to stay in your pajamas when you are feeling sick, having some go-to clothes that are comfortable but still somewhat stylish means that if you have to dash out to the chemist, or answer the door, you still look respectable. I have a few pairs of nicely fitted lounge and tracksuit pants, as well as a number of tees that are no longer good enough for everyday wear so they have been retired to my lounge wear. I store these clothes in a couple of boxes at the bottom of my wardrobe. Do they measure up to my usual wardrobe choices? No, but there are just some days where I just don’t feel like donning a pair of tailored pants and a cashmere sweater!!

Today’s outfit:

Isabella Oliver black lounge pants
J Crew black perfect fit v neck tee shirt

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