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As you know, I’ve talked a fair bit about being chic when we mummies are out and about in the world, but what about when we retire for the evening? If you are anything like me, I really, really look forward to bedtime and I think it is just as important to make the effort to be chic when we go to bed, just like we make the effort during the day. After all, aren’t our husband’s just as deserving of our chicness as the outside world? How many of us are going to bed in ratty flannel pj’s (I know, I know, they are sooo comfy!), holey socks (but my feet are cold, you say) and dry scaly skin (who has time for moisturiser?)?

Well, it is time for a change. It is time to ditch the faded flannels for something more alluring. It is time to get rid of the holey socks, and switch them for some warm and cuddly ones (without holes!) if your feet are cold (putting your icy cold feet on your husband is probably less attractive than wooly socks) and it is definitely time to grab at least a few minutes for yourself with a nightly bedtime beauty ritual.

So let’s start with the alluring night wear:

This knit slip from Victoria’s Secret is pretty, sexy, AND comfortable. The eyelet trim at the bust helps to emphasise the bust, while drawing attention away from the waist, hips and thighs.

I think there is nothing sexier than a fitted white tank paired with man style pj bottoms in a pretty print, or a shirt style pj top paired with just your knickers (Risky Business style). This set, also from Victoria’ Secret, would be perfect. In winter, wear it as a set, but in warmer weather, you can split the items up for an ultra sexy look.

When it’s really cold, and only flannel will do, then go for flannel, but make sure that the set is in good condition, fits well, and is an attractive pattern. I really love this set from Peter Alexander – its fresh, fun, and a little but sexy!

Once your attire is sorted out, it is time to develop a bedtime ritual. Take two minutes to cleanse and moisturise your face (I love Clarin’s Water Comfort Onestep Cleanser – just wipe it on and wipe it off), and another thirty seconds to slather on a rich and fragrant body lotion.

My fave at the moment is Aesop’s Rind Aromatique Body Balm, which smells like a Sicilian Olive Grove. Nightime is when you skin rejuvenates itself, so i also put on an eye cream, and if i can find time, some cuticle oil for my nails. Not only will a bedtime ritual mean you will smell and feel lovely in bed, but it will pay off during the day as well as you skin will be positively glowing!

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