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Quick Tip: Beautiful Feet


I have very dry feet, and have always tried the old trick of thickly rubbing lotion into my feet, putting on a pair of socks, and then going to bed. However, I hate wearing socks in bed. Even in the middle of winter, I have trouble wearing socks to bed. Instead of putting the lotion and socks on before bed, do it before you do some exercise or some errands around the house. An added bonus is that the body heat you generate while doing some activity will help the moisturiser penetrate even further.

I just received a pair of Bliss Softening Socks as a present, and I am in love. With these you can skip the lotion step, as the socks have a gel lining that will last 50 wears, and in just 20 minutes, it feels as if you have had a paraffin foot treatment. They feel really weird to walk around in, but the result was amazing. I’ve been using these twice a week, and my feet are starting to look really great. US$48

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