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What’s On My Bedside Table


I have seen a lot of these posts from fellow bloggers, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon, too, and share what’s on my bedside table.

The mirrored tray I have had for the longest time, and honestly have absolutely no idea where I got it from! Regardless, I love it, and find it useful at corralling my stuff and keeping it looking somewhat organized. On it, I have my jewellery tree (from Myer), that as you can probably see is missing a branch after it came off second best when the kids and I were horsing around! Even missing one branch, I find it very handy for placing my jewellery before bed. Once a week or so I will go through it and put everything away in their correct spots but, in between, it keeps necklaces from getting tangled and earrings from losing their partners.


The little heart dish is from Royal Albert and my daughter has a matching one in her room. I mainly use it for hair ties and loose change. The hair brush is from Rock and Ruddle and it has the prettiest acorn and butterfly print. I have the large one, and my daughter has the matching child size one. I much prefer this brush to my previous Mason and Pearson one. For starters, it is much cheaper, but more importantly, the bristle part can be removed for easy cleaning. I use dry shampoo in between hair washes, and was finding it was building up on my previous brush. With this brush, I give it a quick wash once a week and it is fantastic.

I always have a hand cream on or in my bedside table, and because the Aerin one is so pretty I am happy to have it out. Next to the hand cream is a body lotion from Fragonard that my mum brought back for me from Provence. The last item on the mirrored tray is a cute calender featuring retro housewives and snarky comments – it never fails to make me smile!

The grey thing that looks like a night light is actually an ultrasonic vapouriser called Bloom that I use to mist essential oils into the air. In winter I tend to use cold and flu type oils like peppermint and eucalyptus but at the moment I am using a sleep blend by InEssence. The kids also have one each in their rooms – as well as being a vapouriser, they also work as a nightlight – and both kids love setting it up for themselves each night.

I always have a stack of books on my table. Even though I would say 90% of my reading is now done on the kindle app on my iPad, there is nothing that compares to a real, hold it in your hands, turn the paper pages, book. I have been a book lover since I was a small child, and despite my whole hearted embrace of technology, I don’t think I will ever completely give up on real books.

The books that are currently on my bedside are a pretty good representation of the type of books that I do buy hard copies of versus digital. Style, decor, cooking, and craft books just scream out to be held and pored over, and I just don’t think that the digital versions are there yet in replicating that experience.  Fiction, biographies, health and fitness – these all suit me much better digitally.

From top to bottom, I am currently reading:

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance by Jennifer L Scott
The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish by Linda Przybyszewski
French Chic Living: Simple Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful by Florence de Dampierre
The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel

Polish Your Poise and French Chic Living I both purchased courtesy of an Amazon gift card I won from Life With Dee, a fantastic blogger that I have been following since before I even started blogging. She recently relaunched her blog, and if you are a reader of my blog, and you haven’t discovered Dee yourself already, I am sure you will love her style!



I was waiting with bated breath for the latest book by Jennifer L Scott (aka The Daily Connoisseur) to arrive, because as you all know, I am am unabashed fan of Jennifer and her writing. Unfortunately, the timing has been terrible, arriving right in my busy season, and I am only half way through. This is in no way a reflection of the book; so far I am loving it – lots of timely reminders, especially at this time of the year when poise can easily vanish in a blink of an eye – it is simply the time of the year. School’s finished, but instead we have swimming lessons everyday, work has been crazy and the hours I am putting in seem to be growing higher and higher, and by the time bedtime comes, I can often only manage a few pages before I need to go to sleep! If you are tossing up whether to buy this for the kindle or in hard copy, go the hard copy – it is simply divine. The illustrator has outdone themselves, and the paper the book is printed on is beautiful.


This is the book I was reading before Polish Your Poise arrived, so again, unusually for me, another half finished book. This book is simply fascinating, a look into American fashion history of the every day woman during the first half of the last century. You can tell the author is an academic, because the writing can be a little bit on the dry side, but her research seems impeccable, and I found what I have read so far not only incredibly interesting, but inspiring as well. I look forward to finishing this book in the New Year.


This lovely looking book arrived at the same time as Polish Your Poise, and so far, all of I have done is remove the plastic it was wrapped in! I honestly haven’t even peeked inside. From the outside, though, it looks beautiful, so I am really looking forward to dipping into this one shortly.


Jessica Sepel is an Australian wellness blogger, and though Australian wellness bloggers as a group have taken a bit of a hammering over the past year (see Belle Gibson, Pete Evans and Jess Ainscough), I have always found Jessica Sepel ground in reality, with a balanced outlook on life. Her first published book, The Healthy Life is filled with a lot of great ideas (and recipes) that I really do plan to incorporate into my lifestyle, but right now, unfortunately this has taken a back seat, just like my reading! Again, bookmarked for the New Year after our holiday.

And so that is what is on my bedside table. I hoped you enjoyed this little peek into my space!



Disclaimer: The amazon links are affiliate links and if you click through I get a small (tiny!) rebate to my amazon account at no cost to you! All items were purchased by me.

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