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Irini’s Nursery


I just realised that while I had shown you Stephen’s room quite a long time ago, I had never posted pics of Irini’s nursery. Since I am sure it won’t be a “nursery” for much longer (why does times fly so fast?), I thought it would be best if I posted it sooner rather than later! Like Stephen’s room, I wanted to go with something classic that would be easily updated as she gets older. I am just not into cartoon characters or anything too “juvenile” as I think they are just so quickly outgrown. The same goes for furniture – classic pieces in neutral colours will be able to transition to whatever decor the room has as Irini grows up.

 This is the view into Irini’s room. The cot is only used for daytime naps since Irini still sleeps with us in our bed at night. The cot used to be Stephen’s, and can technically be converted into a toddler bed with one extra part, but since Irini can climb in and out of the cot as it is, we never got around to converting it. 

Her bedding is a mix and match set custom made by Red Plum Linen.  The bedskirt is a classic pink and white stripe and I made the window valance from the same fabric. The bumper is a small floral on one side and a large scale floral on the other, and is trimmed with a pleated ruffle from the striped fabric. I have a couple of sheets – one is a pink and white large check, and the other is the same small floral as the bumper.

Above the cot are a collection of Flower Fairies plates. This pic is a close up of two of them, but you can see the collection better in the first pic with the cot.  I loved the Flower Fairies when I was little, so this was a nostalgic touch for me. I’ve also collected some other Flower Fairies bits and pieces for when Irini is older. My favourite is a darling china tea set – knowing my luck, by the time she is old enough to play with it, she will have no interest in it at all!

Next to her cot is a large wardrobe from Ikea. I use to store Irini’s extra sheets and blankets, books I am collecting for her when she is older (mostly old editions of Enid Blyton novels) and various keepsakes.

These beaded flower tassels just add a cute, feminine touch, don’t you think?

As you move around the room back towards the door, I have Irini’s chest of drawers, topped with all sorts of pretty, fun things that even at 3 years old, Irini has managed to collect!

The mini armoire has some more Flower Fairies items, and the jewellery box next to it is keeping her growing jewellery collection safe. The carousel horse, fairy snow dome and Disney Fairies mirror are favourite birthday presents, and I often find her quietly playing with them in her room. She is very careful with all of them and really treats them like treasures.

These little flower pots were decorations saved from her Christening. I made them from mini enamel buckets and silk flowers and I love that not only do they add a pretty touch to her room, they are also a memory of a very special day.

The rose prints are from an rose calendar I picked up on clearance a few years ago for no other reason than the roses looked so gorgeous. I trimmed them to fit some bargain frames I got at Ikea and then painted gloss white. This was a very quick and easy way to really finish off Irini’s room. And when she doesn’t like them any more, they will definitely be finding a spot in my (future) craft room!

On the other other side of the door, near Irini’s closet, is her change table (no longer used as such!) which I use for clothes storage. Above the table is a memo board covered in the large scale floral that’s on the cot bumper.

 At the moment I use the board to hold her hair clips, but when she gets older, Irini will be able to use it for notes, photos, homework etc.

 Next to the change table is a bedside table that I have had for over a decade. On it are her collection of favourite stuffed toys, including the rag doll I made for her a couple of Christmas’ ago. I picked up the lamp a while ago as well, at a local craft fair. It is absolutely gorgeous, full of beading and silk and velvet flowers.

Finally, on the outside of her door is her initial. This matches her name that is above her bed, and is white wood on a pink gingham background. I ordered these from a Canadian boutique that is no longer around, but I have seen different versions around. I also think they would be quite easy to make yourself, as well.

So there you have Irini’s nursery. I really don’t think it will stay this way for long, as I am planning to get her a “big girl” bed in the near future, and I will probably take that opportunity to redo her room, at least a little!

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