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Thursday’s outfit and a visit to the child health nurse


Today was Irini’s 6 week check up with the child health nurse. I was quite nervous as I wasn;t sure if she was gaining enough weight. I had so many problems with breastfeeding Stephen that by 6 weeks he was fully formula fed; despite using supply lines and various meds, I just couldn’t get my supply up and he wasn’t gaining weight. With Irini, it didn’t seem like there were any problems – she feeds every 3-4 hours during the day, and I get a 5-6 hour stretch over night – but the neurotic mother in me refused to be satisfied by this until I had seen the numbers on the scale! Luckily (and of course, given her feeding pattern and number of wet nappies etc, not suprisingly) she is steadily gaining weight and length and is now comfortably sitting at the 75th percentile, which is where she should be given her brith weight. I also had Stephen weighed and measured and he is still creating his own line, well above the 97th percentile for height and weight!!

Today’s outfit:

I have really been missing wearing dresses, but they just aren’t that practical for nursing, so today I decided to use the old What Not To Wear trick of a dress over trousers.

Jane Lamerton chocolate and cream print wrap 3/4 sleeve jersey dress
White cami underneath
Isabella Oliver chocolate jersey pants
Milana chocolate croc pattern low heel pumps
Pearl stud earrings
Wooden beaded necklace

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