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Sunday Check – in


How are your goals going? Mine are still ticking along nicely – I have been very strict on the food front, and as a family we have tried to increase our exercise together. We went for an hour long walk (scooter ride for the kids) along the beach, and walked (rode their bikes) to my MILs house and back (just over an hour), as well as half an hour playing in the park together. It has been great on so many levels – great for us to be exercising, great for the kids to be exercising, and great for them to see exercise as a normal part of family life.

I am not completely sure this week’s loss is a true one, since I have been suffering from terrible gastro the last 48 hours – who needs a new year’s juice fast, hey, when gastro will clean you out just as well!! Regardless, I have been working hard at my goals and I am happy with that, even if next week the number on the scale is not as good.

I’ve still been carrying on with the knitting, and made a set of fingerless gloves for Irini (they are her favourites!), so she is now set for winter, and I have just started on a scarf for myself. I have to say, making things for Irini really appeals to my sense of instant gratification. Making the scarf for myself is going to be a much longer process!

Week ending 12/01/2014

Today’s weight: 95.6 kg 
Last week’s weight: 97.0kg
Starting weight: 99.8 kg
This week’s loss: 1.4 kg
Weight Loss to date: 4.2 kg
Exercise: 3 x 30 minute walks

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