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Thurlby Herb Farm Botanical Bug Busters Review


On Friday I stopped in at a little gift store to pick up my mum a last minute little Mother’s Day gift since her real present hadn’t arrived yet. While I was browsing around, I was caught by a delightful aroma wafting towards me and was drawn to these cute little closet protectors made by Thurlby Herb Farm, a farm located just a few hours south of here.

The smell of these little herbal mothballs was intoxicating. A mix of scented eucalyptus, mint, cedar and lavender, the fragrance was nothing like traditional mothballs. It was a little bit sweet, a little bit floral, and a little bit fresh. As I inhaled, I could start picking out the individual notes, but the combination was greater than the sum of parts. I grabbed half a dozen for myself and a few to stash in my gift closet. The packaging was adorable as well, and I think these would make great little hostess gifts or stocking stuffers.

As soon as I got home, in to the closets these went. I can’t tell you how effective they are at keeping bugs away yet (I am sure they are!) but they are certainly effective at filling the closets with their delightful fragrance.

Check out for Australian and international stockists.

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