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Suds Up!


Isn’t it funny how the smallest things can bring great pleasure? I subscribe to the Honest Company‘s cleaning and lifestyle bundle which lets me pick 5 products each shipment. While I usually get the same assortment of products for 4 of my picks, I try and pick something different for my last pick, so that each batch I get to try something new! This time, I picked Suds Up, a little ceramic pot with a bamboo brush, and it has become my new favourite toy.

I usually do the majority of my dishes in the dishwasher, but I always have a few things left to handwash; either my dishwasher was full up, and/or the items were handwash only. I’ve always felt it was so wasteful to fill up the sink (even if I only half filled the little one) for just a few dishes. This little pot has changed all that, and now I don’t even need to fill the sink at all! The pot and the brush combine to create the perfect amount of suds – you simply add a small amount of water (not even a quarter of a cup) and a teeny squirt of dish soap to the pot, replace the blue plastic bit on a spring into the pot, and then pump the bamboo brush up and down to create the bubbles.

I feel better about the small amount of hand washing of the dishes that I do, and the item itself just looks and feels so nice. The brush is lovely to hold, and every day when I replace the soap and water I smile at the little punched butterfly on the plastic brush rest. As with all of the Honest Co. products, it’s sustainable in its production, too. Plus, it’s helped with the day to day tidiness of my kitchen, since now it’s quick and easy to tackle the one or two breakfast bowls or tea cups that pop up during the day.

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