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Sunday Check-In


It’s been ages since I’ve checked in, mostly because I have been totally slack about the whole thing 🙁 but, unlike previous times where I would fall off the wagon, and then really fall of the wagon, this time, I managed to keep myself in check, and over the past week, get back into the swing of things. I’ve just started a boot camp style class at the local fitness centre near the kids’ schools. It is intense with a capital I, and the instructor has suggested I start out with it once a week for a month (together with regular less intense workouts the rest of the week), and then increase to twice a week after that, so for now, this is the plan.

Week ending 28/10/13

Today’s weight: 97.0 kg
Last month’s weight: 98.0 kg
Starting weight: 99.8 kg

This month’s loss: 1 kg
Weight Loss to date: 2.8 kg

Exercise: 1 x boot camp, 3 x 20 minute walks


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