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Stephen’s Toddler Bedroom


A while ago I wrote about decorating Stephen’s room, and I have just realised that I never posted the finished room. So here it is!

I bought this handmade monogram frame just after Stephen was born. Unfortunately, the business I bought it from doesn’t exist anymore, but you can find similar items at Etsy. I attached it to Stephen’s door with those great 3M picture hanging strips so that it would be easily removed if we ever move.

I decided when I was planning Stephen’s decor on a plane theme, based on the colours red, white and blue. I chose this theme because he loves planes, and I wanted something classic, masculine (but not too adult), and something that would grow with him (unlike, say, a Pooh themed room which is his other favourite thing at the moment). Around his bed are some vintage style plane prints that I got from and had custom framed with navy mats and wood frames to match his bedroom suite.

On his bed is a quilt set that I got as an absolute bargain and it was perfect for his room. The colours are more muted rather than bright, with appliqued stars that perfectly suited the aviation theme in the room. I made the quilt folded at the end of the bed after being inspired by a quilt I saw in a Company Store catalogue. The mix of the different plaids and different sized rectangles just looked so perfect for a boys room. I made the quilt top from some amazing homespun fabrics in shades of blue, navy, khaki, green and red and the backed it in super cuddly flannel.

There is another vintage style print above his chest of drawers, which I will probably replace with a mirror when he is older. To the left of his chest, near his wardrobe, is a hook at Stephen’s height to hold his pyjamas and robe and a laundry basket that is currently being used to store soft toys. To the right of the chest are a daddy and baby teddy bear that Nick bought for Stephen when he was born.

On top of the chest of drawers are a collection of keepsakes that Stephen has gathered from when he was born, his Christening and various birthdays. The toy elephant in the centre back used to be Nick’s when he was a child.

On his closet are removable vinyl wall decals of vintage planes and biplanes. These are so realistic it looks as if I spent hours painting the little planes and clouds! I felt that these added just the right childish touch, and as he gets older and these become too “babyish” for him, they will just peel right off.

Next to his bed is a bookcase filled with Stephen’s soft toy collection (you can see he has a thing for Pooh) and a selection of books that he can choose from for reading time or to flick through on his own. The bookcase used to be filled with all of his books, but between Stephen and Irini, we ended up with books all over the house. Now, the majority of their books are in my office/their schoolroom, and I rotate the books in his case.

Above his bookcase are two metal toy vintage planes that I found in a children’s decor store. These were quite expensive, but I hope that they will become items that Stephen will treasure his whole life.

Overall, I am really happy with how his room turned out. I love that it is a classic room that harks back to an earlier, simpler time. Even though Stephen doesn’t sleep in his room yet, I often find him playing in there or snuggling up in his bed with a book so he obviously likes it as well.

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