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Review – Buyster Kids Rugs


I was very excited the other day when Maree from Buyster Rugs contacted me to see if I wanted to review her site and a rug from their huge range of traditional, contemporary and kids’ rugs. I had never heard of Buyster Rugs before, but was very impressed when I took a look around. I decided to pick a kids rug, since we have rugs in the living room and playroom, and carpet almost everywhere else. Originally I was going to pick a rug either for Stephen’s or Irini’s room as a decor accent, like this great plane themed rug for Stephen, or this pretty striped rug for Irini.

Then I came across the Pooh hopscotch rug and I was sold!

I decided that this rug would be perfect for the upcoming cold and wet winter. Both the kid’s love Pooh (a Pooh softie has been Stephen’s lovey for the past year!) and they are both getting old enough to understand the rules of hopscotch. With this rug, we will be able to play inside regardless of the weather, and since they are still learning and still falling over, this rug will give them a nice and soft place to learn. I will update you on what the rug is like in real life as soon as it arrives.

Disclaimer – is providing me with a rug free of charge to review. All my opinions are, as always, my 100% honest opinions and are not influenced by the company supplying me with the review product.

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