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Scented Candles: Add a Touch of Luxury


Luxurious scented candles are an easy and (relatively) inexpensive way to add a touch of warmth to your home, another layer of welcome. From the flickering light of a flame, through to the amazing fragrance filling the air, you can’t beat scented candles for adding a touch of luxury to any room.

But not all scented candles are created equal. We want them to strong enough to fill a room; but not TOO strong to overwhelm. The scent needs to appeal not only to yourself, but to anyone invited into your home. Usually, you want them to match the decor of your home. The candles I’ve shared below are what that I have on rotation at the moment and they tick all my boxes.


Mid Range $$ Scented Candles


Carrière Frères in Majalis (Muguet – Lily of the Valley)

I first tried these candles when I received one in a My Stylish French Box, and have now tried quite a few. Carrière Frères have been involved in candle making since 1884, when the brothers Carrière set out to reinvent the candle-making process at the dawn of the industrial revolution. I am burning Majalis (Lily of the Valley) as I type; it is just perfect for the gorgeous spring weather we have been having here in Perth.

The majority of their candles focus on singular scents, but despite this, there is still real depth to the fragrance. Their Lavender is, without doubt, the best lavender candle I have ever burnt. The Tiare (Gardenia) on balmy summer evenings is absolute perfection. Ebenus (ebony), with its vanilla-laced, powdery wood scent, is wonderful and comforting in winter. Don’t discount Lycopersicon Esculentum (tomato); it is both earthy and fresh, and evokes memories of plucking plump tomatoes right of the vine.

Can be purchased here: AUS, Europe, US


Crabtree & Evelyn in Home Comforts

Crabtree & Evelyn is a quintessential English brand long known for its soaps, “toilet waters”, and bath products but they also do a stellar range of candles under their Modern British line. Home Comforts reminds me of clean laundry, with a touch of light floral; evocative of washing drying on the line in a English country garden. It’s that perfect candle when you want your home to smell “fresh” without overpowering anything else. I burn this one a lot in my bedroom – it’s very cozy, comforting and relaxing – and it would be my first choice for a guest room candle.

Crabtree & Evelyn candles really get a workout during the Christmas season. Despite it often being close to 40°C here at Christmas, I still love everything Yuletide. One of the ways I indulge that without completely overheating is by burning their limited edition holiday candles. How could you not feel the Christmas spirit while burning a Noël nutmeg, orange and fir scented candle? Not a spice fan? Let Windsor Forest transport you to a winter wonderland of fir needles, spruce, pine, juniper berry and holly.

Can be purchased here: AUS, Europe, US


Peppermint Grove in Lemongrass & Lime

I fell in love with lemongrass scenting the air on our holiday to Phuket, Thailand a few years ago. The public areas of the resort, as well as their amenities, enveloped you in its crisp freshness. It was the perfect antidote to the heat and the humidity, and I was determined to recreate that when we returned. However, it was no easy feat. Candles, essentials oils, wax melts; you name it I tried it! But nothing quite captured what I remembered. And then, I came across the Lemongrass & Lime candle from Australian company Peppermint Grove while searching for a Secret Santa gift. The candle itself is beautiful. Reminiscent of cut crystal, with a polished silver lid that can be used as a heat protective surface, I would probably have bought this candle even if it didn’t smell amazing. Luckily the fragrance inside matches its outer beauty. Full of fresh citrus, with a hint of peach and melon, and rounded out with woods, vanilla and musk, this smells like lemongrass but even better.

Can be purchased here: Australia only,


High End $$$ Scented Candles


Aerin in Éclat de Vert

This has been my perfume of choice since it was released last month, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I splurged on the candle as well! The glass is the palest green, the packaging is to-die-for, making it perfect for gifting, AND it has a lid! I’ll explain why that is important to me further down. As the grand-daughter of Estee Lauder, you would expect all of the Aerin candles to smell divine, and they do. Éclat de Vert, though, has become my favorite. Evoking memories of Aerin’s time with her grandparents in the South of France, lush green notes combine with citrus, magnolia and jasmine for an elegant and timeless fragrance that works in any room of my house.

Can be purchased here: AUS, Europe, US


Cire Trudon in Abd El Kader

Cire Trudon are one of the oldest and most reputable candle makers in the world. Starting in the 1643, by the 18th century they were supplying the court of Louis XV. Still entirely handmade, with glass handblown in Italy, these are a luxurious treat with a grand history. I have burnt a few of these over the years, and have loved every single one. These are a go-to special gift for me, especially as a hostess or housewarming gift.

Abd El Kader was getting a lot of burn time this past winter. Ostensibly Moroccan Mint Tea, unlit it smells bright and green, with crushed mint, lemon peel, basil and a hint of ginger. Lit, it transforms into something deeper and altogether more mysterious. Cardamom and clove, coupled with tobacco and vanilla, give the crisp green a rich and velvety quality perfect for the cooler weather. Ernesto is what I am planning to buy next, for my husband’s study once the renovation is complete. Leather scented, with hints of rum and bergamot, and balanced out by oak moss and amber, it is elegant and masculine. Madeleine, which I had a few years ago, is also stunning. Sophisticated and unique and not overly feminine, with its leather base paired with florals and spice.

Can be purchased here: AUS, Europe, US


Diptyque in 34 Boulevard St Germain

Seen on every beauty/fashion/lifestyle Instagrammers’ feed, Diptyque candles are a classic for a reason. From the elegant black and white label, through to the sophisticated but approachable fragrances, Diptyque candles can easily become an addiction. Baies is the candle you will see everywhere; probably their most iconic scent, the lush bouquet of roses paired with the crisp blackberry leaf is floral, but not your grandmother’s floral! Still one of my faves, but I have recently invested (and when you see the price you will understand the use of the word invested!) in the extra large indoor/outdoor 34 Boulevard St Germain. Combining damp mosses, blackcurrant leaves, and figs, this fragrance was the result of a crazy idea: to capture the scent of the OG store on 34 Boulevard St Germain.

Regular size

Indoor/Outdoor size

Can be purchased here: AUS, Europe, US


Scented Candle Burning Tips

You’ve invested in a luxurious scented candle; now you need to treat them right. Follow my tips below to get the most out of that beautiful candle.

I would love to know what your favorite scented candle is – share with us all in the comments!



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