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New Year – New Me!!


Hi everyone,

Well, it is a new year, so I though now was as good as time as any to start a new blog. My name is Sarah, and I am a SAHM to a 13 month old boy, with another one on the way!! I left the corporate fashion and beauty world before having Stephen and this blog is really here to document how I try to live chicly now that I don’t have to dress up for work anymore!

I like to think that I have managed to stay reasonably chic over the past year of mummyhood, but with the new year, I definitely have some resolutions:

1) start exercising (gently) every day – my gym membership expired soon after having Stephen, and I am sorry to admit that all the baby weight that I had lost in the first 3 months was regained prior to falling pregnant again. I also had a lot of difficulties in the early stages of this pregnancy, including losing one of the twins, and I wasn’t able to exercise, but I have since been given the all clear for some gentle exercise.

2) my big new year’s goal was to eat better, and i am happy to say that one week in, things are gong pretty well so far. The past year has really seen my eating patterns nose dive, so getting back into a routine of a healthy breakfast, and a few healthy snacks during the day instead of junk is the plan.

3) to always look groomed and well put together – i think as a mother of a young baby, it is all to easy to fall into the trap of letting grooming and dressing nicely go out the window, especially when you are at home. I really feel that I was doing my husband, my son and myself a real disservice by not taking that five to ten minutes each day to make myself look well put together. We start moving into our new house tomorrow, and I will be doing a real closet purge to remove any ill fitting, stained, unflattering items.

Anyway, i look forward to sharing my journey with all of you, and i would appreciate any comments you would like to make!!

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