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My Best Year


It’s the start of a new year; always a time of resolutions, new possibilities and excitement. Like many people, I have always made a list of new year resolutions. And like most of those people the resolutions have faded into obscurity my the end of the first week of the year!! So this year, for the first time, I am not going to make a list of resolutions. There will be no promises to lose weight, exercise everyday, never touch junk food again. Instead, I am making just one resolution:

I am going to make this year my best year so far.

This coming year is going to be a hard year. Times are changing, our boom economy is heading downhill, and life is becoming more expensive and stressful. Despite this, I think it is important to make the best of it and to rise above the negativity that seems to spring nightly from the news.

So how am I going to achieve this? By taking baby steps. By evaluating what I really want from life. By looking at what makes me truly happy. By focusing on my health instead of a number on the scale. By focusing on me.

Over the coming year, I will share with all of you what I am implementing, what I am changing, what I am discovering. I look forward to going on this journey with all of you as I work to make this my best year.

I challenge you to join me. Share with us what you can do this year. Make this year your best year!

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