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Hubris, and asking help from my readers


Hu*brisnoun: excessive pride or self confidence

As our mothers have always said, pride becomes before a fall, and boy, did I fall hard. After my post about breastfeeding, and talking about how successful I have been this time around, life decided to knock me back down a few pegs. That night (I mean really, that night) feeding started to be a bit painful on one side. By the next morning, the nipple had started to chafe, and by the following evening, it had cracked. It was so painful, I was sobbing as I was feeding Irini. After a quick call to the breastfeeding counsellor at the Australian Breastfeeding Association, I stopped feeding from that side, and expressed milk instead which is still painful, but nowhere near as bad as Irini feeding. However, I have never been able to express as much milk as she needs, so Irini was feeding much more often on the other side. Now, that side has got a nasty graze on it, is even more painful than the cracked nipple, and I can’t feed from either side, so I will have to resort to formula as a supplement tonight.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a lactation consultant, but I am asking all of my readers: if you have been through this, how did you get through it, and do you have any tips for me?

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