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Hotmilk Bra Giveaway


I am so happy and excited to share this giveaway from Hotmilk lingerie with all of you! Hotmilk contacted me recently offering me a nursing or maternity bra to review, but when I explained I was well past that stage of life, with no plans to return, they generously offered to give a bra away to one of my readers instead!


The reason I am so excited about the giveaway is that Hotmilk offers such a fantastic range of products. When I was pregnant with Stephen and needed to invest in maternity bras, I was horrified with what I could find in larger cup sizes. Honestly, it was a sea of industrial beige over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, that looked awful on the rack, and didn’t look much better on. I found that during pregnancy, I felt incredibly sexy, and post birth, I wanted to regain those feelings; having to wear those beige monstrosities certainly wouldn’t have helped with either!

And then I came across Hotmilk lingerie, a new (at the time) range of lingerie from New Zealand that was innovative, fashionable, and sexy! Most importantly, these pretty scraps of lace not only came in sizes larger than a C cup (up to a J cup!), they actually supported those larger cups! These bras (and associated pieces) helped me look and feel fabulous as my body went through the myriad of changes that come with pregnancy and nursing.  The range was (and still is) very well designed, some with side-sling supports (great for maximum skin-to-skin contact) and some with A-frame supports, which I preferred as they offered great support and made breast feeding modestly much easier. The nursing clips were also amazing – easy to undo with just one hand, but completely unobtrusive.

Today, though, instead of highlighting their “pretty” bits and pieces, I want to introduce you to their latest offering, the Activate Sports Bra. (although, please, if you are pregnant, make sure you check out the rest of their range – you won’t be disappointed!!)

A sports bra during pregnancy and nursing? Really? Yes!! More and more mums have realised the importance of exercising during and after pregnancy, and Hotmilk has come to the rescue for all the larger cup mums out there. Available in D to H cups (smaller sizes will be available in June) the Activate  Sports Flexiwire bra is the perfect option whether you are taking part in prenatal yoga, or something higher impact. Made from CoolMax moisture wicking fabric, coupled with mesh panels on the cup and the back, the Activate bra will keep you cool and comfortable. Most importantly, the A frame support, together with the Flexiwire, means that regardless of what activity you are doing, you will supported. Finally, the feature I loved most about my Hotmilkbras is the way that all of their bras are designed with stretch at the top of the cup to allow for growth throughout your pregnancy and then during the nursing period.

Hotmilk has generously offered one of my readers any bra of their choosing from the Hotmilk range, and the giveaway is open internationally! I’m keeping it simple, so head on over to Hotmilk, and leave me a comment about which bra you would choose (and please make sure I can reach you – leave an email address if you are not logged in through blogger). I will randomly select a winner on  Tuesday 22 March 2016.

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