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Exciting Giveaway announcement!


I have been very lucky lately, and won a couple of blog giveaways. I was also pleasantly surprised when one of my giveaway winners, Juliana, wrote me a wonderful “snail mail” thank you letter. I can’t begin to tell you how great it felt when out of the blue I received an actual, physical card in the mail, just to say thank you. Pretty much the only snail mail I get nowadays are the few bills that are not sent electronically, or begging letters from various charities. So basically, this was a long winded explanation of why I have decided to host a month long festival of giveaways during September!! The giveaways will be all sorts of things that my blog usually covers, from beauty products to home wares to homeschooling resources, so there will be something for everyone. So stay tuned, keep checking in, don’t forget to enter and good luck!!

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