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Grobag First Duvet review


Regular readers may know that Stephen and Irini have both been co-sleeping with us and we have thoroughly enjoyed it, until recently. As both kids have been getting bigger, and Irini has been spending less and less time in her co-sleeper and more and more time in our bed proper, things have been getting tight and no one was getting a good night sleep any more.

Nick and I made the decision to remove the co-sleeper, turn it into a toddler bed near our bed, and, fingers crossed, seamlessly transition Stephen into it. To try and make things as easy as possible, I took Stephen shopping to pick out some new bedding. I had already decided for safety reasons that I wanted to use the Grobag First Bedding Set which has the duvet cover zipped onto the bottom fitted sheet, as well as an attached pillowcase, so that Stephen can’t get his head under the pillow. I liked the fact that the duvet zips onto the sheet for two reasons; firstly, it will help stop him from falling out of bed, and secondly, it will keep the covers on him during the night.

Stephen didn’t seem too keen at first, but he dutifully picked out the set with rockets and spacemen on it. When nighttime came, he was finally excited, and was demanding that hubby “zip me up, zip me up with the wockets”. This has so far continued on for the week, with no backward glances (knock on wood). We are all certainly getting a better night’s sleep, but there is a small part of me that is sad that my little man is growing up!

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