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Green Overload?


I recently read a great article from the NY Times, “That Buzz In Your Ear May Be Green Noise” that talked about the constant “green” messages that we are all bombarded with, many of them conflicting each other, and are we as consumers starting to tune out? In the article, Suzanne Shelton, president of the Shelton Group, an advertising and market research agency focusing on environmental products, stated that in the last six months, over half of the people in their focus groups rolled their eyes when presented with an environmentally themed advertisement, as if to say, “not another green message”. I must admit, when the new Omo concentrated laundry detergent came out, I was highly cynical (and critical) of the ad campaign that spoke about the major benefit of the smaller packaging being more environmentally friendly due to lower transport costs.

So, do we throw the baby out with the bath water? How do we decide what path to take? Do I use disposable nappies that fill up landfills, or cloth nappies that use a lot of water and energy to launder? My suggestion is to use your common sense, and do what you can. Here are some simple tips that most of us can incorporate into our lives:

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