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Days of Change


A unique program has been running here in WA called Days of Change. It is an wonderful environmental initiative aimed at encouraging everyday people to pledge to make simple changes around their household that will collectively will create a positive impact on our environment.

Days of Change has a Pledge Card (available at the sight or as a hard copy available at IGA supermarkets) that lists 30 things households can do. It is easy to be cynical about these kinds of projects, but if every household could adopt just some of the ideas on the pledge card, imagine what we could save in water and energy consumption. A feature of the pledge card that I really like is that it lists the amount of money you could save and what area of the environment each pledge will help. It would be a great learning activity to go through the pledge card with your children and see what your household could achieve.

Days of Change aims to have 200 000 people sign the pledge. They only have 31,000 people signed up so far and there are only a few days to go, so head here and join in with this worthwhile project.

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