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Going Green in the Kitchen – food


As promised, here is the second installment of Going Green in the Kitchen. Today, I will talk about food – the food we eat, how we prepare it and how we buy it.

The food we eat

We all know to eat to do the best thing for our bodies and most often, doing the best for our bodies will also do the best for the planet. Sometimes, though, it can get confusing. Is it better to eat an imported organic product, or a locally grown but conventionally farmed product? There is really no simple answer. While purchasing organic obviously has huge benefits for the ecosystem, the transportation of the product creates a huge amount of carbon emissions which is bad for the planet as a whole. Here are my tips for going green with the food we eat:

The way we cook

Now that we have improved what food we buy, let’s look at how we cook it.

The way we buy it

Just as important as the type of food we buy is how we buy it. It is all very well to buy local, organic products, but if we are buying it in single serve packets, then all that good intention has really gone to waste. It is really important to minimise packaging waste where ever possible

Implement just some of these ideas, and you can make a real difference to the environment. Stay tuned for how you can make a difference in how you package your food and how you dispose of it.

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