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Eating Healthy


One of my challenges for the having my best year this year is living and eating healthily. My first step towards achieving this was re-organising my fridge and pantry, donating any foods that weren’t wanted, and restocking with healthy options.

I started with the fridge; after a thorough clean out and then a good wipe down with a solution of vinegar and vanilla extract, I had a sparkling clean and fresh smelling fridge ready to be restocked. And this is what it now looks like:

On the fridge on the left, I have

On the fridge on the right:

My next step was my pantry. First of all, it was just a mess – things were all over the place; I often bought something and then got home and realised I already had three; I didn’t know what I had and what I didn’t. After a clean out, I restocked, and the results make me smile every time I walk into the pantry!

These drawers are the only ones that have some junk – some packets of Tiny Teddies cookies that Stephen adores and can have occasionally.

The next set of drawers contain meal ingredients:

Next, I have all my staples:

Lastly, I have various wholegrain breakfast cereals including weet bix, cheerios, and rolled oats; as well my baking supplies shelf.

Since I started my “best year” challenge at the start of the year, I have lost just over 3kgs (6 lbs) and I am feeling great. I have a ton of energy and I feel so much healthier! I challenge you to start your fridge and pantry clean out today!!

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