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Create your own diaper/nappy bags!


Now that Stephen has been toilet trained (in the day time at least), I can downsize the amount of stuff that I need to carry on a daily basis. I love the idea of purse organisers, as they allow you to transform a regular bag into a diaper/nappy bag, as well as making it easy to switch between bags – you just grab the already packed organiser and plop into the new bag!

I own two organisers – one from Pish Posh Mommy, based in the US (but ships internationally) and the other from Brag Bags, a local Perth company.

The Pish Posh Mommy organiser was the first one that I bought. It is slightly smaller than the Brag Bags one, but is otherwise very similar. I have it in the print above, Napa Buds, which I liked because it was pretty but still modern. The beige lining is water resistant which is great since I have had a few bottle accidents in there, and it has saved my handbag!

The pockets on the outside are nice and roomy and just perfect for my everyday essentials such as phone, makeup and keys. The inside pockets are great for my wipes container, as well as 2 bottles. The inside compartment is big enough to fit 4-5 walker sized nappies.

The one I bought has a drawstring closure at the top, but it also available as a zip top, and just recently, with carry handles so it can be used on its own as well. The organiser is US$45.00, but is currently 10% off.

The Brag Bags BabyToGo bag is very similar, and just as useful. It also has inside and outside pockets, and a water resistant lining. As I said, it is slightly larger, and it also has a zippered pocket on the outside, which is handy to keep your wallet and keys more secure.

The BabyToGo bag comes in a black and white check, or red and white stripes. These bags retail for AUD$39.95, but Brag Bags currently have two specials going on. You can buy two BabyToGo bags for $60, or a set of one BabyToGo organiser and one standard purse organiser for AUD$49.95.

These organisers are absolutely fantastic and I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you are pregnant and already have a large handbag, consider buying one of these rather than a dedicated diaper/nappy bag. If you already have young babies/toddlers, then this can help you move back from the nappy bag (be honest, after using it everyday,you are almost ready to burn it!) to a stylish non-mum bag. They would also make wonderful and unique Christmas gifts.

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