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My birthday presents!


It was my birthday on Monday, and I got some wonderful presents from my family. From hubby, I got the most beautiful leather Oroton bag, like the ones in the pic without the fringing, in a lovely grey/taupe patent leather. The bag is large enough to double as a diaper bag, which is exactly what I wanted, and the colour is so versatile, it goes with pretty much anything.

From the kids, (via me, of course), I got a MomAgenda. My O2 phone recently gave up and I switched to a Blackberry (which I love), but I hate the calender. Now that I have kids, I find an electronic calender just doesn’t cut it when there are so many activities, playgroups, Gymboree, birthday parties etc. So, back to the old-school methods. I chose the MomAgenda because 1) it looks great, and 2) it has a spot for my appointments and then separate spots for the kids appointments each day. I picked the refillable leather portfolio in storm grey (this is the exact same colour as my bag, a co-incidence, I swear!) rather than their original hardbound version, as I wanted to be able to refill it. As an extra special touch, I had my name embossed on it.

I was definitely spoiled this birthday!!

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