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Celebrity Style for the SAHM


I recently saw this great photo of Eva Longoria on and my first thought was “what a great outfit!” My second thought was how easy this look would be to achieve for a SAHM.I love the light sweater over the pretty shirt. It’s perfect for a slightly cooler day, and if you decide to play chasey with your kids and you warm up, you can whip it off, displaying the lovely print shirt. The linen pants are fantastic, too – a lot of people stay clear of linen, but I find that if you shake it well when wet, and then hang it to dry, most of the wrinkles drop out. Also, linen should look slightly rumpled, in my opinion. The accessories are what really make this outfit, though. The wedge sandals are a great summer option, adding some height and leg lengthening, while still being very comfortable to wear. The oversized tote will keep everything a mum needs at hand, from sippy cups, a few diapers, and some bags of snacks, to all of the mum essentials. What I really love about the tote, though, is that it picks up the pink colour of the shirt’s print.

The last great thing about Eva’s look is her grooming. If you make sure you have a great haircut, you can pull your hair back into a pony, and it will still look great. Eva’s looks wonderful because of the high pony, and the face framing layers. Also, she has taken a few minutes to add some volume at the crown by a bit of backcombing – this makes the pony look very polished. The neutral makeup goes so nicely with the outfit – again, her natural look is easily achieved in just a few minutes.

Another celebrity whose style I also think is great inspiration is fab mommy, Jennifer Garner. In the photo below, she is wearing a similar outfit to Eva, but the accessories make for a slightly more casual vibe.

Check out the hair – like Eva, her hair is pulled back into a pony, this time with a face framing fringe swept to the side. I really love the accessories in this pic – the white tote is adorable, and it just goes to show that once you are past the bottles and diapers phase of a young baby, it is totally possible to carry all the toddler gear (a sippy cup, some wipes and a couple of diapers) in a great tote, rather than having to lug around a diaper bag. The only thing I would change about this outfit is the Haviana flip flops. I would have worn a pair of leather flip flops instead.

Jeans are the backbone of the SAHM’s wardrobe, and this pic of Angeline Jolie shows how to look stylish and a touch glam while wearing them.

Like Ange, go for a very dark rinse with no faux finishes like whiskering or faded patches. The dark rinse and solid colour is very slimming and will help to lengthen your legs. Make sure they are hemmed quite long – I like my jeans to stop about 1cm above the floor. This means that you need to have two pairs of jeans if you wear flats and heels.

Ange has paired the jeans with a simple black tank, and with just these two items, you would have a very basic outfit. She has really lifted it, however, with the accessories. The low wedge heeled peep toe shoes add a hint of style while still being comfortable. The beige pashmina adds a light touch to the outfit – I really love the combination of black and beige. Add in the simple gold bangles, the sunglasses and the large tote with gold hardware and you have a very simple, but very elegant ensemble. I love her hair as well, and it is a nice change from the standard pony.

There are two things that link all three of these celeb outfits – sunglasses and an oversized tote. Both are essential items to help finish off your wardrobe. All three outfits are made up of very classic, timeless and basic clothes. There is nothing in any of the clothes themselves that most SAHM’s wouldn’t already have in their own wardrobes. What really makes these outfits are a pair of oversized sunnies (the trend at the moment) and a large slouchy tote. If you update these items each season, you can stay current and on trend while wearing the clothes that you already had. This is a very affordable and elegant way of updating your wardrobe and has the bonus effect of stopping you from wasting your money on the latest trend clothes that will only last a few months.

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