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7 ways to boost antioxidants in your diet


Antioxidants are very important in our diets as they help to balance unstable molecules in our body called free radicals that have been linked to premature aging, heart disease and cancer. While there are many antioxidant supplements on the market, research has consistently demonstrated that antioxidants found naturally in your diet are more effective. Here are 7 easy ways to boost the amount of antioxidants that you are eating:

  1. Add dark coloured berries such as blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants to your breakfast, smoothies or desserts.
  2. Pick whole grains over refined grains eg wholegrain bread, brown rice, wholegrain cereal
  3. Sprinkle some nuts and seeds on your salad, or have a handful as a snack
  4. Use parsley, oregano and thyme to flavour your food.
  5. Add a tin of lentils or soybeans to your next soup or pasta sauce.
  6. Try to have at least four colours in your salad eg spinach, beetroot, carrot and tomato.
  7. My favourite – indulge in a small square of dark chocolate EVERY DAY!

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