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X-tend Barre Review


I have been desperately needing to get back into exercise, but I can honestly say that exercising

regularly (OK, at all!) has always been a real challenge for me. The motivation is just not there most of the time. So when I came across X-tend Barre, a group fitness class that combines elements of pilates and ballet, I was pretty sure that I had found a class I might actually attend on a regular basis!

I have been going for about a month now, and it is amazing! It is a killer class, and there have been days where I have truly thought I may not be able to make it down the stairs from the studio, my legs were shaking that much, but it is adjusted to each person’s abilities. Using a combination of light weights, a small ball, and the ballet barre, you will work out muscles you didn’t know you had! I took ballet classes for nearly 15 years, so it was great to be back in a familiar environment, but it was also a touch disheartening to see how inflexible and unfit I’ve become!!

I highly recommend finding an Xtend Barre class nearby if you are looking to mix up your workout. I don’t think it is a substitute for a good dose of cardio, but it is a great addition or even replacement to your strength work.


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