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What I Wore Wednesday


Its been ages since I did a true WIWW post, so I thought it was well and truly time to rectify that! The first week at school is always full on, and so, so, busy, but it is still important to take a tiny bit of time for ourselves, and dress in a feminine and flattering way. If I leave it to the morning, it is all too easy to reach for a pair of yoga pants and a tee, so the night before, I take 5 minutes to pull out my outfit, including accessories, for the the next day. That way, getting changed in the morning rush takes just seconds.

As you can see, all of these outfits are using pieces from my 10 item and accessories wardrobes. If you haven’t tried the method out for yourself, I highly recommend getting a copy of Jennifer Scott’s book Lessons of Madame Chic, where she outlines the process. I don’t want to sound like a groupie, but this book really did change my life!!

You may also have noticed that my tops are more covered up than in the past. For example, on Friday I wore a white singlet layered with the shirt open over the top. In the past, I would almost certainly have worn just the singlet, but as my children get older (both my son and my daughter) I have been thinking about what kind of lessons I am teaching my children through my conduct. The reality is I see teenage girls walking around in skinny jeans and tanks, and I think “I wouldn’t want my daughter dressing like that when she is older”, but if that is how I am dressing, am I not being a hypocrite? It is certainly something I have been thinking a lot about lately, and I would love your thoughts on the matter!

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