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What I Wore Wednesday


A few new additions to the wardrobe this week, which made getting dressed this week a bit more fun and exciting!!

Wednesday: I found this old knitted coat when I was going through a pile of old clothes that were too small for me, and was thrilled when I found that I could (just) fit into it again. I used to wear it with a wide belt but it doesn’t look good like that on me anymore, but I quite like it open – what do you guys think? Does it look good open, or does it look a bit like a dressing gown? I paired my old coat with my new boots – I have been searching for a casual, but heeled, pair of brown boots for what seems like forever. So when I came across these Doc Martens on for half price, I thought I would take the chance, and now I am in love!!

Camel knitted coat: Banana Republic
Graphic printed dress: Leona by Leona Edmiston
Brown buckled boots: Dr Martens

Thursday: Well, when you get new toys, you have to play with them, right? Forgive the repeats from yesterday, I couldn’t help myself!!

Camel knitted coat: Banana Republic
Grey and black striped long sleeve tee: Ann Taylor
Dark rinse skinny jeans: Ann Taylor
Brown buckled boots: Dr Martens

Friday: Today we took the kids to a fabulous puppet show at the museum, the Dinosaur Petting Zoo, which features lifesized Australian dinosaur puppets, followed by an amazing dinner at a new French style bistro that has just opened up at a restored heritage building in the city, so I wanted an outfit that was casual enough for a kids show, but smart enough for a fancy restaurant.

Red cardigan: Coldwater Creek
Red tie-neck blouse: Old Navy
Wide leg jeans: Ann Taylor
Gunmetal python heels: Ann Taylor
Hammered gold bangles:  Nordstrom
Gold bamboo hoop earrings: T Tahari

Saturday: Today we had the luxury (and the novelty) of going iceskating outside! For those of you in cooler climes, this is probably nothing special, but for the majority of us in Oz where it rarely gets cold enough to hail, let alone snow, an outside skating rink is definitely something to be excited about. It is only here for the school holidays, but it was great to get a taste of what so many of you probably take for granted!!

Navy printed blouse: Old Navy
Dark rinse skinny jeans: Ann Taylor
Brown buckled boots: Dr Martens

 Monday: At home all day today, other than a super quick trip to the supermarket. I was already wearing the twinset and jeans, so I just looped on the scarf and slipped on the slippers and I was ready to go.

Teal merino twinset: Sportscraft
Dark rinse skinny jeans: Ann Taylor
Teal and purple wool scarf: Sportscraft
Patent slippers: Talbots
Marcarsite bracelet: Lumiere

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