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Upcoming Tropical City Holiday Capsule Wardrobe – By The Pool

This upcoming holiday we are planning to spend plenty of time at the pool, just chilling out. And with a pool like this at out hotel (Marina Bay Sands) you would have to be crazy to not want to spend a heck of a lot of time here!  The kids seem to alternate between being ridiculously excited, and a little bit scared; it is on the 57th floor after all!
I’m definitely excited, not scared, regarding the pool, but at the same time, wearing swimwear out in public always makes me feel incredibly self conscious. Planning out what I am going to wear always seems to help somewhat. Obviously, I have control issues!!  I’m not sitting on a mega yacht on the Med (I wish!), so super glam is not necessary, but a little bit of glam never goes astray.

For any beach or pool outing, I think the following seven items are your must haves.

  1. Swimsuit. Obviously the most important item! And finding one is never easy, especially since we are usually looking in the dead of winter with pasty skin, and perhaps a few extra kilos. I usually only take one swimsuit on a holiday, but since I plan to spend at least some of everyday at the pool, this time I am taking two. And, I struck gold with these two! The black and white one piece is from Lands End, and their claims of it shaping and enhancing really are true! This is a very flattering swimsuit, and the neckline and white trim make for a sleek but glam look. The second piece is from Myer, and the leopard print and cut is real old-school glam. It’s also flattering, as well as being very comfortable.
  2. Sunscreen. The second most important item! If you want to look younger, then the very simple, inexpensive, non-invasive way is to slather on the sunscreen. I love the Anthelios range by La Roche Posay, and this Cooling Water Lotion one feels so light and fresh on the skin. Remember to reapply at least every 80 minutes, but also as soon as you dry off with a towel.
  3. Coverup. When staying at a hotel, you usually have to walk at least part of the way, in public, in your swimsuit, and while I’m actually by the pool I don’t feel strange, I certainly do if I happen to be in a lift or a corridor, only in a pair of bathers! Yes, you can fall back on the hotel bathrobes, but I prefer to pack a light coverup. This is also a great solution for when you decide to grab a bite to eat at the poolside restaurant. I am packing a sheer black skirt coverup as it looks great, packs down to nothing and is so easy to slip on and off. I can’t tell you where I bought mine, as it is at least 5 years old and the label has worn off, but the Jets one I’ve linked to in the collage looks like a great option. 
  4. Hat. An absolute necessity! Not only is a hat a stylish accessory, it is invaluable in helping protect your skin from aging and skin cancer. It amazes me when women I know spend literally thousands of dollars on their skin, and then go out in the sun without proper protection. Crazy, I tell you!!
  5. Sunnies. Again, style and protection in one. I prefer polarized lenses, but any good, UV rated pair will do their job. I love aviator styles for summer holidays, and my rose gold pair are just perfect against (faux) bronze skin.
  6. Flip Flops. We call them thongs here in Oz, but just to clarify, I mean the things that go on your feet!! Again, you could just wear the hotel slippers, but I’m telling you that you’ll feel a whole lot more stylish in a simple pair of (nice, not grody) rubber flip flops.
  7. Tote Bag. Probably not a necessity, but makes your life so much easier. I received this straw tote in the summer limited edition POPSUGAR MustHave Box, and it is awesome! The leather handles really up the style stakes, and it is so nice and roomy, so you can fit all of your bits and pieces, like room key cards, sunscreen, and a great poolside read as well as your sunnies and coverup when you are in the water.

 I would love to know what you think I should take to sit by the pool!

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