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Unique Holiday Gift Guide with UnCommon Goods


Can you believe that in less than a month, Santa will be coming down our chimneys, and Christmas morning will have arrived! I was just discussing with a fellow school mum, that unlike in the northern hemisphere, where the holiday season and end of school are two completely separate entities, here in Oz, these two events combine to create utter mayhem. Between end of year concerts, speech mornings, and class parties ad nauseum, I am somehow meant to have completely got myself prepared for Christmas. Yeah, not going to happen!!

Just in case you are suffering from a total Christmas meltdown like me, or just need some last minute present shopping help, I am happy to be partnering with Uncommon Goods to help you out. Founded in 1999, Uncommon Goods is all about exactly that – Uncommon. Goods. Celebrating amazing, creative design, whether from an emerging artist just starting out, or a seasoned artist handcrafting beautiful heirlooms of the future, here is a one stop shop bringing artisans and their wares from around the globe directly to you. And if this focus on shopping small isn’t already right up my alley, then their unwavering commitment to sustainability in all areas of their business is just the cherry on top!

Unique Holiday Gift Guide – Women

Lets be real here, it just seems easier to shop for women compared with any other group. If it’s pretty, smelly, or shiny, then we will probably like it. But if you want to step up you gift giving game, and present something unique and special, then you really can’t go past the amazing range of gifts here.

I’ve just ordered three of these Birthstone Wishing Balls, (one of them may be a present to myself!) as I think that they are quite possibly one of the best presents I’ve ever seen. Designed by Jill Henrietta Davis, the Wishing Ball is designed to capture a wish, accomplishment or gratitude every week for a year. To encourage someone in your life to pause for just a few moments once a week and reflect is truly a priceless gift.

This Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden is something that would make a wonderful hostess gift over the holidays. Pretty, and practical, this would look amazing sitting in your windowsill. They are also self watering, making them a wonderfully low maintenance way to grow plants for those of us without a green thumb!

For a more personal gift, the Mother & Daughter Letter Set is a gift destined to be handed down the generations. Celebrating the bond between a Mother and a Daughter, this gift book, containing 40 nostalgic cards designed to be sent, shared and treasured, before finding their way back into secret pockets in the book, would make an amazing gift for a young lady or her mother.

Another item also winging its way to me is the very pretty Cherry Blossom Snow Globe. My daughter collects snow globes, and I love the timeless design of these piece from married artists Liz Ross and David Westby. The simple and elegant snow globe is another piece that I hope one day my daughter will pass down to her child.

Unique Holiday Gift Guide – Men

For the men in your life (and I am surrounded by husbands, sons, fathers and nephews ranging in age from 10 through to 73!), there are also a plethora of unique and creative choices.

I must admit, while I am tempted to just give each and every one of them the 6 Pack Beer Soap Set, I will resist and only give this to my 21 year old nephew. Because, come on, it’s beer. In soap. He will think this is so cool!!

For once, I actually have found a present for hubby that isn’t a t shirt or socks and jocks (so, thanks Uncommon Goods!!). He is notoriously hard to buy for, but this Deep Sea Sand Art will look perfect on his home office desk, and the meditative qualities are exactly what he needs when he is spending that one too many hours sitting there working.

I already have this On The Rocks set, and can attest to just how beautiful they are in person. Hand-crafted from stones collected on New England beaches, these granite discs are ideal for chilling aged spirits, such as whiskey or scotch, because they won’t dilute the complex flavors like a handful of ice. I don’t drink alcohol, but I still use these with other cold drinks (mostly ice tea), because as well as being beautiful, they work so well.

Unique Holiday Gift Guide – Kids

Irini loves her fairy garden, so this Fairy Kit will make a gorgeous addition to it. Kids will love making everything from tiny fairy doors, to fairy beds, to a welcoming garland, a “fairy dust” necklace and of course, the pretty fairies themselves.What I love most about this crafty kit is that while it is entertaining while Irini is actually constructing it, it will still give hours and hours of creative play afterwards as well.

When shopping for kids gifts, I am always on the look out for open ended play; things that don’t just have one purpose, but will inspire greater creativity. The Stop Motion Claymation Kit fits the bill perfectly. Both of my kids have been experimenting with stop motion animation through their STEM programs at school, so this will be perfect for the two of them to collaborate on over the long break.

My star choice for those of you with tween girls is the DIY Lip Balm Kit, as it is a gift that will keep on giving. Not only will it keep your daughters and nieces entertained over the holiday break as they concoct pampering treats for themselves, it also helps provide job skills for women in the Washington DC area. 

Thank goodness board games are coming back into fashion – as a family we love playing them – and the Trick Question Game would be a fabulous gift for teens. The game is packed with 400 sneak-attack brainteasers, like “What building has the most stories?” Answer: a library, of course!

Hopefully my selection of gifts has helped you out with all of your giving this holiday season!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I have received compensation, but all opinions and statements are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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