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Thanks to Tory Burch I finally love wearing my Fitbit!


I love my Fitbit and find it incredibly motivating in my quest to move more, but lets be honest, that silicone band that comes with it is really not that attractive. Functional, perfect for the gym, but stylish? No. And because of that, I would regularly remove it because it just didn’t look right with an outfit, which obviously completely defeats the purpose of wearable tech. Even worse, I would often forget to put it back on altogether. So you can imagine my excitement when Tory Burch (a brand I luurve!) released a collection of chic pieces of jewellery to hold the Fitbit. 


Unfortunately, the original collection just didn’t work for me. The necklace looked gorgeous, but necklaces are the one piece of jewellery that I tend to switch up on an almost daily basis. So pretty as it is, the necklace just wasn’t going to cut it for me. 

The hinged bangle suited me to a tee. I almost always wear my Pandora charm bracelet everyday together with my watch and my current Fitbit silicone band, so replacing the current band for a sleek and chic bangle would work perfectly. However, thankfully I read a number of reviews before hitting the Buy It Now button, as it apparently is designed for women with very slim wrists (how very Tory, when you think about it!!).  Most reviews seemed to agree that if you wear the M/L Fitbit band (as I do), there is no way the bangle will fit. Disappointed, I closed the website, pouted a little (OK, a lot!), and then carried on using my usual band, cursing bird boned Park Avenue Princesses as I did!

Thankfully for those of us with regular sized wrists, Tory Burch expanded her collection last month, adding in three delightful bracelets with a double wrapped leather strap, and the signature Fretwork housing for the Fitbit itself. After reading reviews, and taking careful measurements, I came to the conclusion that this bracelet should *just* fit me. Deciding on the rose gold with pale rose pink leather band, I ordered, and waited with bated breath for it to arrive.

Oh, is it ever gorgeous!! And it fits – on the second last hole! I have to say, I simply can’t imagine who would be able to use it on the smallest hole. As an experiment, I tried it on my 7 year old daughter, and even she couldn’t come close to wearing something that small!! Regardless, it fit me, and that was all that mattered. I think it looks great paired with my watch and my Pandora charms. Of course, I still switch it back into the rubber band for the gym and exercise, but otherwise, it has been living mostly in its stylish gold case.
Some other reviewers have mentioned that the metal case scratches easily, or that the casing is hard to open, but I have to say, I found neither of these to be a problem. After a week of (constant) wear, I haven’t noticed a single scratch, and as you can see, I wear it right up against my watch. And I’ve found the casing incredibly easy to open; it literally takes just seconds to switch the tracker between bands. So thanks Tory, now I finally love wearing my FitBit!

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