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Sunday Check-in


Hi everyone! back again for another check-in! As I thought, last week’s weightloss was obviously due to the gastro, and literally by the Wednesday, I had gone back up over a kg. However, I carried on being strict with my eating, adding in some extra carbs since I needed to recover, and I ended the week with a modest gain. However, if you look over the last two week period, I still lost 1.9kg over two weeks, which I am very happy with.

Exercise pretty much disappeared for the week – I managed 1 day achieving my goal of over 10000 steps, with another very close at 9000 towards the end of the week, but with having been so sick, I really think my body just needed the break!

Did I find time for myself through all of this? Not really. I read a couple of books but mostly I spent the early part of the week vegging on the couch watching reruns of CSI and Law and Order. Not particularly productive, but probably exactly what I needed…

Well, overall, I was happy with the week – to be perfectly honest, I am just happy to be feeling better! And now it’s back to some normality – see you all next week.

Week ending 19/01/2014

Today’s weight: 95.9 kg 
Last week’s weight: 95.6kg
Starting weight: 99.8 kg
This week’s loss: 0.3 kg gain
Weight Loss to date: 3.9 kg
Exercise: 2

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