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Spring Clean Year ‘Round Giveaway


Today’s product is the Spring Clean, Year ‘Round cleaning tin. Inside the little, gorgeous, hand decorated tin is a set of cards that will revolutionise your house cleaning. The creator of this system, Travis, says:

“This system includes most common chores necessary to keep your home “spring clean” year round. It is not exhaustive and therefore blank cards are included for your personalization. It does not include the daily grind kind of chores like washing clothes or cleaning up after dinner. The frequency at the top of the card can easily be changed to suit your personal cleaning needs. I am a wife and mom of 3 boys and 1 girl. This is my personalized system and your needs/preferences may be different. It is my hope that this system will give you freedom and peace knowing your house will be clean year-round with minimal daily effort from you.”

I bought one of these kits when my house was really getting beyond me. I had been following FlyLady and the basic cleaning was getting done but I just found that some of the bigger but less frequent tasks were being left by the wayside. After seeing this little set, I thought “What have I got to lose?” and bought one. It has made a real difference to the cleanliness of my house. The cards are great; they are simple and come with hints and tips on each one. My favourite part, though, is the tin. It is pretty enough that it can be left on the bench for easy access (and as a visible reminder!). I don’t use the tin for my weekly cleaning (although those cards are all included) since I have my system down pretty well, but I refer to my tin weekly for all the less frequent tasks that I have now scheduled throughout the year.

Now to the part you are really interested in – the Giveaway!! I am giving one of you a Spring Clean, Year ‘Round in pink and green, worth $33.95.

To enter:

You can gain entries by doing any (or all) of the following (please leave a comment for each one you do!). If you already do any of the below, make sure to leave a comment, since that counts too!

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Giveaway ends October 1st.

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