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Snacking Martha Style


I know I posted about snacking just the other day, but after watching a Martha rerun today, I had to add some more info. The episode was part of the Body and Soul Challenge that was run in February in conjunction with Martha Stewart’s Body and Soul magazine. One of the great tools promoted by the Body and Soul editor was their Snack of the Day blog which listed (with pics) a different snack everyday, each of which is about 100 calories. The snacks are a mix of sweet and savoury, things to eat on the run and things to eat at home. Most look delicious, all look very quick and easy, and they are the perfect combo of carbs and protein to help tide you over until your next meal. While most are common sense combos, just seeing all the different snacks that are listed can help to break you out of a rut. The presentation of each snack is also inspirational as well.

If you can find the time, sit down at a table to eat your snack. Plate it on proper china and pair it with a cup of green tea. Make it into a mini event that you can look forward to and then savour, rather than a fleeting moment that is over all too soon.

I also recommend checking out all of the other features at the Body and Soul Challenge site – there is a huge amount of great information regarding health and nutrition, with some easy ideas that even the busiest SAHM could incorporate.

photo from Martha

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