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Saturday 5 April


Well, yesterday did not go to plan at all – I ended up sitting at home all day, because the electrician rang and wanted to come and finish installing our garden lights. So, i was somewhat overdressed for staying at home!!

Today, I had my dad pick me up so I could go and claim my insurance, except that when i got there, it turns out that i had brought Stephen’s Gymbaroo enrolment receipt instead of the anaesthetist’s bill! So it seems that my pregnancy brain is still lingering lol. So, Monday (hopefully) will be the day that this gets done.

It is pouring with rain today, and quite cold, so I got to wear a nice wintery outfit. I so love winter!! Anyway, my outfit today:

Gap dark rinse wide leg jeans
white Old Navy cami
Ivory Ann Taylor cashmere pointelle lace knit sweater
Tiffany necklace as bracelet (again)
pearl drop earrings
grey suede heels

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