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Review: Vicks Forehead Thermometer


Recently, I was lucky enough to win my very first blog giveaway, and received a Vick’s Forehead Thermometer and Grobag Egg from the lovely Christie at Childhood 101. Now that my kid’s are not babies any more, I didn’t need the Grobag Egg, so that went off to a friend who is due any day now, and I stashed the thermometer away in our medicine chest until we needed it.

Which, unfortunately, was this week when both the kids came down with bad colds. Since Stephen was a baby, I have always used an ear digital thermometer to take his temperature, but the older both of them got, the harder and harder it became to use, especially if they had a ear infection at the same time. So the concept of a forehead thermometer really interested me.

I can overwhelmingly give this thermometer a thumbs up. It was quick and easy to use and best of all, didn’t seem to irritate the kids at all. Best of all, I could use it while they were sleeping and it didn’t wake them up. All I needed to do was swipe it over the forehead, and 3 seconds later, the temperature would flash on the screen, together with a “traffic light” system of backlit colours – green for no fever, yellow for mild fever and red for high fever.

The Vick’s Forehead Thermometer retails for $64.95, which is pricey, but comparable with a quality digital ear thermometer. For parents with babies and toddlers, I would definitely go for this rather than the ear thermometer.

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