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Product Review – Zann Clip


ZannClip recently sent me a range of their hair clips to try out. These clips look unusual, like a spiral spring, and they are quite revolutionary, designed to not leave that dent in your hair like a regular barrette does. Despite their strange appearance, I was very impressed! They are easy to put in (the website even has instructional videos for you) and they stay in all day. My one proviso is that you have to make sure you buy the correct size for your hair and what you want to use it for.

I was sent a large, medium and small clip. I have a fair bit of hair, but it is very, very fine. The large clip just wouldn’t stay in when used like a normal barrette to clip my hair back and I spent all day putting it back in. When I switched to the medium sized clip instead, the problem was solved. My hair stayed back all day, and it didn’t leave even a bit of a dent in my hair when I finally unclipped it.

The large clip was still useful, though. I like putting my hair up into a quick updo, especially in the heat and humidity that we have been going through. With a quick twist and roll, the clip kept my hair up all day. Here is the video instructions that I followed:

While the Zannclips are not as good looking as some of the fancy barrettes available, they are still attractive, and come in a range of colours (I liked the dark brown, which blended into my hair colour) as well as 24K gold or platinum plate. The colour-coated clips are $10, $11 & $12 (for S, M & L) and the metal plated clips are $21, $22 & $23. Zannclip currently have a spring special running: buy any 3 items and receive 20% off.

image courtesy of Zannclip
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