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Product Review: Skinny Shirts


I love the look of a sweater over a crisp cotton shirt, but as a busty, plus-sized gal, what I don’t love is the lumps and bumps I inevitably get (maybe this is a problem for smaller, petite girls, too!) so it is not a look I wear very often. However, a while ago I saw an article about the Skinny Shirt, and right there on the page was a game changer. This winter, I have probably been in a shirt and sweater or shirt and dress combo at least once a fortnight.

So what is a Skinny Shirt? It basically takes the best bits of a cotton shirt, the collar (and neck yoke) and cuffs, and adds it to a smoothing undershirt. So instead of the bulk and bunching I get with a normal shirt, the parts under the sweater are wonderfully smooth. I bought a long sleeve version (in white) and two sleeveless versions (one black, one black/white leopard) and I have been really happy with all of them. They wear fantastically well, wash even better and are quick and easy to iron. My only complaint is that the long sleeved skinny shirt’s cotton fabric is in a V-shape rather than across the whole chest like their sleeveless versions; I tend to wear wide v-necked or scooped neck sweaters, and the fabric around the neck isn’t quite wide enough. But this is a pretty small complaint and not particularly noticeable by anyone except me!

I just checked out their website, and not only do they also offer shapewear and maternity varieties, they have a discount offer running until October 31, 2011. Use the code FALLFASHION to get 20% off any style.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, and I have not received any form of compensation, nor do they even know I am writing this post, I just love these shirts!

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